All the treatment options available will be carefully considered to ensure they are safe and appropriate for each individual and pathology. You will always be given exercises, advice and education to optimise results from your treatment session. You will have access to contact your physio between appointments for additional questions and advice.


Physiotherapy is the discpline which assesses injury, illness or disability. Your course of physiotherapy will follow a number of steps:

Individualised Programming

We can develop a bespoke exercise programme to suit you and your goals. This could be post-op, post-injury, for weight loss, for strength gain, to improve fitness/sports performance, or general conditioning. 

Group Workshops 

Sports Massage

Sports aassage is the manipulation of soft tissues to complement other forms of Physiotherapy. You don’t need to be a sports person to benefit for the technique as it can be adapted to suit you. This form of treatment will often be used along side other techniques and exercises.


Acupuncture can be useful for chronic conditions and similar to sports massage can be a useful technique alongside other interventions. A full explanation of the procedure will be provided verbally and through an information sheet, you will also be given a consent form to sign.

Taping and Strapping

The aims of this service is to offload injured parts, facilitate proprioception (coordination) and aid your ability to complete exercise. The strapping used will be specifically tailored to your needs.

Specific Advice/Education

Specific advice or education will be based on medical information about your condition, particular symptoms to monitor/look out for, required lifestyle modifications and expectations following a successful course of physiotherapy. You will have access to contact your physio between appointments for additional questions and advice if needed.