Myth buster – long distance running is not symptomatically damaging our knees like we all assume. In fact a recent study has proven it has the opposite effect – by making them healthier!!

What it does
The benefits of running include improved JOINT STRENGTH and IMPROVED BONE QUALITY of the weight bearing surfaces of the knees. Not only this, but it actually IMPROVES  underlying joint damage that was present before commencing running.

This study was carried out in NOVICE runners and so proves that no matter WHO you are, running can help your knees.

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PS Don’t forget there’s loads of opportunities to get running for free:

  • Park run Worcester Pitchcroft
  • Park run Worcester Woods Country Park
  • Couch-to-5K

Lots of friendly running clubs are also available in Worcester:

  • Black Pear Joggers 
  • Happy feet fitness
  • Worcester Athletics Club